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Christians Grieve Too

Donald Howard was minister of St Peter’s Anglican at Burwood East in Sydney when his wife, Diana, contracted cancer at the age of 40. She was to live a further six years but , as Donald writes, although through faith in Christ “we were prepared for death, I was ill prepared for grief.”

Donald found this ill-preparedness arose from a lack of understanding and two years later he wrote this book for the help of others. The passages within contain a blend of biblical, pastoral and personal elements and serve to fill a gap on the subject of bereavement.

Burial or Cremation: Does it Matter?

How should Christians dispose of the bodies of their loved ones after death? Does the Bible give us authoritative guidance on this question, or are we free to decide on the basis of pragmatic arguments or personal taste?

Donald Howard is convinced that the Scriptures do give a clear answer to this question. “Burial alone has the endorsement of God’s Word, and that Word not tradition, sentiment or custom, must direct us in both our living and our dying.” It is Donald Howard’s firm belief that burial alone gives us specific testimony to the Christian doctrine of the resurrection of the dead.

Donald traces the history of burial through the Old Testament to the culminating example of Christ’s burial and resurrection, discusses the practice of cremation in the modern world, and gives wise counsel on the need to grieve and to plan for our own funeral. His approach is based on the glorious privilege of being united to Christ in his death, burial and resurrection.

Christians Grieve Too and Burial or Cremation